Marketplace PM for November 10, 2005

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Math is hard

GM announced that it, oops, misreported up to $400 million in profits a few years back. But it's not the only company reporting accounting problems this week. Amy Scott asks, "What's the deal?"

Front page blues

Knight-Ridder's largest shareholder said today it might nominate its own board of directors at the company. Lisa Napoli says Knight Ridder is just one of many media companies slogging through a harsh season.

The bumpy road to budget cuts

The GOP hit a few major speed bumps today on the road to tax cuts and budget reductions. Seems there are enough devils in the details of this budget cutting bill to rankle just about everybody. Hillary Wicai reports.

Little spenders in big China

President Bush would love it if Chinese consumers would consume MORE. If China sold more domestically, it wouldn't depend so much on exports to the US. Jocelyn Ford visited one reluctant Chinese spender to see what's up.

Jordan rising

It was officially a day of mourning, and very little business, across Jordan today. Kai Ryssdal talked with Sharmila Devi, a correspondent for the Financial Times, about how Jordan's economy has changed over the past few years.

Egalite, c'est difficile

President Jacques Chirac has admitted that immigrants to France are not treated equally, and says the government must deal with the root causes of the unrest. Economist/commentator Edmund Phelps says Chirac's in an impossible position.

Yes: There's a bird flu market

As scary as all this bird flu news is... when people start getting nervous, it's always good business for somebody. From Philadelphia, Julia Barton has the story.