Marketplace PM for November 10, 2004

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Another deficit -- this time with agriculture

For the first time since the mid-1980's, the U.S. is importing more agricultural products than it exports. NAFTA plays a major role in this, as Marketplace's Dan Grech reports.

A street-squeeze on vendors

The New York City government is changing its laws regarding street vendor licenses, a ruling that would mostly affect new immigrants. Alisa Roth reports on why more established businesses are flexing their muscles ... to shut down the street vendors.

The Next Four Years -- Consumers

Consumer advocate Jamie Court sounds off on how the President's second term will mean a further division between government and the people... and how that schism damages consumers' rights.

Covering Fallujah

As fighting rages in Fallujah, Iraq, western reporters remain limited in their access and mobility. From Baghdad, Borzou Daragahi talks to American and western reporters and finds out the limitations and challenges of working in the media... from Iraq.
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