Marketplace PM for November 1, 2004

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A Vioxx cover-up?

There's evidence Merck has long been aware that Vioxx is linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke, but the company used the research in its favor. Will the spin create bigger liability headaches when the drugmaker goes to court? From the Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer reports.
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China partners with Iran

Oil prices dropped today. And another surprise: China is entering an oil agreement with Iran, OPEC's second largest producer. From Beijing, Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford examines the terms of the deal.
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Live, from Cuba!

The annual International Fair of Havana kicks off today, and a large delegation of U.S. businesses are there to sign some major food deals. Marketplace's Foreign Editor Karen Lowe looks into an exception to the U.S. trade embargo that allows American agribusiness to sell directly to Cuba.
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Elections and lobbyists...

Tomorrow's election won't just determine the resident of the White House, it could also shake up the makeup of downtown Washington. But commentator Jeff Birnbaum predicts that regardless of who the next president is, the lobbyist corridor on K Street won't change much.

Getting out the vote

So much money spent to reach the voters this election year. With the race for the White House still a dead heat, both campaigns see voter turnout as the path to victory. Marketplace's Amy Scott looks at how the 'get out the vote' system works.

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