Marketplace PM for May 9, 2006

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Will the power of the purse work with Hamas?

Since the militant group Hamas won power in Palestinian elections, the US has withheld funds from its government. Will the sanctions work? And will they change the group's position? Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to Palestinian expert George Joffe.

Senate debates small-business health insurance

Senate Republicans are trying to change the nation's health insurance system to encourage small businesses to offer coverage. But Democrats are worried the bill may reduce coverage for millions who are already insured. Helen Palmer reports.
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Congress seeks OK on foreign investments

Both houses of Congress are working on bills that will make it harder for the executive branch to approve foreign takeovers of American companies without Congressional approval. John Dimsdale has the story.
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Treasury report could get tough with China

The Treasury Department is expected to declare tomorrow that China is manipulating its currency. Some businesses are worried the move could end in a trade war. Hillary Wicai reports.
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Pour your heart out, Ben Bernanke

Markets have been whipsawed lately by media interpretations of our new Fed chief's plans. Best guesses are short term interest rates will rise another quarter point tomorrow, but commentator Carolyn Baum says we shouldn't have to guess at all.
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US automakers want end to hybrid credits

A report today suggests GM and Ford are lobbying for rules that would reduce the incentive to buy hybrids. Why? Japanese auto giants Toyota and Honda are miles ahead in the hybrid game. Bob Moon explains.
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WB makes BitTorrent deal for movie downloads

Warner Bros. will become the first major studio to distribute its films and TV shows over the Internet using peer-to-peer technology developed by BitTorrent. Until now, the program has been a popular tool for trading pirated files. Janet Babin reports.
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At E3, what's new is old

When the new games roll out at E3 this week, many will remind hardcore gamers of one very successful older game: Grand Theft Auto. It was based on the movie Scarface, which itself is being made into a game. Ethan Lindsey reports.
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