Marketplace PM for May 5, 2005

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War spending

The House of Representatives approved an $82 billion dollar "emergency" spending bill today. Most of the money's targeted for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. But as Marketplace's John Dimsdale reports, some of the non-military items in the bill were stirring things up during today's debate on the House floor.

Budget spending

Commentator Stan Collander says that Congress has been busy working magic on deficit numbers to make them look better than they are.

Trailer voice-overs

Tonight in LA there's a big shindig being held at the Kodak Theater. It's a sort of Oscars of the movie marketing industry. And the people who make movie trailers will be competing in drama, comedy, and action categories. But almost every one of those movie ads will have something in common... the deep sonorous tones of a male voice. We asked the velvet-voiced Ashley Milne-Tyte to find out why:

DeLay fund controversy

Three major companies... American Airlines, Nissan North America, and Verizon... say they won't make any more contributions to a legal fund for Majority Leader Tom DeLay. But wait a minute. The three companies haven't donated to the Texas Republican's legal defense fund for years. So what's the big deal? Marketplace's Hillary Wicai explains:

Holocaust fund

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Ceremonies are taking place around the world to pay tribute to the millions of people killed by the Nazis. One of those events was held at Israel's Yaad Vashem holocaust museum, which recently re-opened after a $40 million dollar renovation. At the same time, death camp survivors in Israel are finding their financial safety net is getting a little threadbare. Nancy Updike looks at how things got so bad:
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