Marketplace PM for May 31, 2005

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Paperless Wall Street

If you hold stock, chances are there's a fancy certificate somewhere to prove it. Maybe it's under the mattress, or in a safe deposit box. Maybe your broker keeps it for you. Maybe you've never even seen it. If the securities industry has its way, that piece of paper is headed to the recycle bin of history. This month the state of Delaware cleared one of the last hurdles to a nearly paperless stock market. The change could save investors and companies billions of dollars. So why are some of them dragging their feet? Marketplace's Amy Scott reports.
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World Poverty

The one-time Boomtown Rat who organized the Live Aid concert in the 80's is back at it. Today Bob Geldof announced plans for 5 concerts around the world on July 8th. This time, he says, they don't want money for famine relief. In fact they're not asking for money at all. Instead, he says, they want to influence the Group of 8 industrialized nations. They want to pressure world leaders to eradicate poverty in Africa. Idealistic? Perhaps. But according to Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs, the elimination of poverty is not an unrealistic goal. In a new book, Sachs claims global poverty can be eliminated in 20 years. 20 years?
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Brazil Intellectual Property

When people talk trade war, the battle of behemoths like Boeing and Airbus get most of the ink. But there is another, lower profile scrimmage going with big implications. This one involves multinational companies that refuse to share vital information with local governments. Developing nations complain that puts their economies and their citizens at risk. Today, the story of one developing nation that's decided to go beyond 'complaining'. From the Americas Desk in WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports on how Brazil is fighting back.
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