Marketplace PM for May 30, 2006

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From CEO to secretary . . . Why?

Why would Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson leave the nation's most prestigious investment bank to replace John Snow as Treasury secretary? Fortune's Patty Sellers talks with host Kai Ryssdal about possible reasons.
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Supreme Court: Sorry, whistleblowers

In a 5-4 vote, the US Supreme Court ruled that government whistleblowers are not protected by free-speech rights when trying to expose possible misconduct at work. From Washington, John Dimsdale explains.
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Fight against AIDS continues

After 25 years the spread of AIDS seems to be slowing. But 40 million people are infected with HIV, and unprecedented resources are being spent to keep fighting it. Helen Palmer reports.
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EU court strikes down US deal

A US law requiring airlines to provide detailed passenger information on international flights coming into the country has been ruled illegal by the European Court of Justice. From London, Stephen Beard reports.
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Displaced in Iraq

The Iraqi government says nearly 15,000 families — about 100,000 people — have been forced out of their homes by factional fighting since the US invasion. From Karbala, Borzou Daragahi reports.
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Follow the spelling bee

Commentator Marcellus Andrews says the National Spelling Bee should inspire changes to the US educational system that will make America's children competitive in the world economy.

We've got mail

Host Kai Ryssdal takes a look at the letters inbox.

Who Needs Sleep?

Workers in Hollywood are complaining about work conditions. Not about pay. Not about benefits. About the fact that they work the weirdest hours. And now, someone's made a film about it. Lisa Napoli reports.