Marketplace PM for May 30, 2005

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G-E in India

The way people talk about it, it's as if outsourcing to India is something new. General Electric discovered it decades ago. Late last week, GE chief executive Jeffrey Immelt visited the company's facilities in India. He said he expects revenues there to climb more than 500% in the next five years. But as locals are learning, what's good for G-E is not necessarily good for India.Miranda Kennedy reports.
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Word has it that one of the most relaxing ways to spend time off is to get a mani-pedi. That's shorthand for a manicure-pedicure combo. Commentator and wordsmith Kate Buford seems to get more out of the experience than most. Or maybe not.

Promoting Marriage

June is the country's most popular month for weddings, at least traditionally. But in recent years, marriage rates have dropped off. The current administration in Washington is trying to push a plan to encourage marriage, especially among the urban poor. The idea is to provide economic incentives to tie the knot, and thereby reduce the number of single moms. But perhaps this assumes a difference in values that isn't really there. So claims University of Pennsylvania Sociologist Kathryn Edin.


This weekend, they came by the thousands to Grand Junction, Colorado, Kendallville, Indiana, even Moorpark, California. Bluegrass festivals are not just for mountain folks anymore. But it does has special significance for one Appalachian community, a place that's lost a lot of jobs in recent years. From station WMRA, Martha Woodroof reports.

Geffen's beach

Vacationers come to Malibu expecting to the beach, but in fact, much of the shoreline's obstructed by multimillion dollar homes. Like the one owned by music mogul David Geffen. For several years now, Geffen's been fighting to keep people off 'his beach'. One problem: the beach is public.

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