Marketplace PM for May 27, 2005

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Pretzels and airlines

You've heard there's no such thing as a free lunch. Now, there's no such thing as free pretzels. Not on Northwest Airlines. The nation's 4th largest carrier today said it's cancelling free pretzels to save $2 million bucks a year. Consumers may think this kind of cost shaving is a joke. But it's no joke for employees of the major airlines. Industry-wide, they've been asked to swallow cutbacks that would make most of us gag. Commentator and United Airlines machinist Kathleen Denny says, enough is enough.

The Week on Wall Street

Time for our weekly look at the markets, this time with personal finance expert Knight Kiplinger.
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Pharmacists wanted

Over the next 12 weeks, Medicare officials will mail out applications to seniors for the new prescription drug benefit. Also adding to the demand for prescription drugs: an aging demographic. There'll need to be people to fill those prescriptions, too. All this may help explain what's behind one of the hottest degree programs. From WBHM in Birmingham, Alabama, Tanya Ott reports.

The Undocumented War - Part 5

Over the past week we've been spending a lot of time on both sides of the U-S Mexico border. Our series, <a href="/features/undocumented_war/" target="_blank">The Undocumented War</a>, has been examining some of the economic forces driving a seemingly endless migration. On Monday, we began with reporter Scott Carrier talking with author and border expert Charles Bowden. Today, that conversation concludes... on a moonless night in a wildlife refuge along the Arizona border.
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