Marketplace PM for May 26, 2005

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Undermining unions

The House of Representatives holds hearings on Social Security today. According to commentator Jeff Birnbaum, some of the most interested observers are labor unions.

Junk food

Kids today have lots of choices when they go the school cafeteria. But the fare is often pizza, burgers, fries, and cookies. With childhood obesity on the rise, state legislatures are trying to get cafeterias to serve healthier food. But, as Nancy Marshall Genzer reports, some schools are dragging their feet, because junk food helps them balance the books.

Chinese toys

A new report today says 1 in 7 Chinese-made toys are unsafe. And the report itself is written by Chinese manufacturers. Curt Nickisch looks at what it means for toy makers.
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Indian textiles

China now says it will impose duties on some of its own garments starting June 1st. That's Beijing's boldest response yet to concerns in the US over a flood of Chinese textiles. Last week, a federal task force announced plans to restrict imports of Chinese-made clothing. Trade officials say that will help protect US manufacturers, and save American jobs. But as Miranda Kennedy reports the move's more likely to help another big competitor.
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The Undocumented War - Part 4

Everyone knows that thousands of illegal aliens cross the Mexico border. What many don't realzie is that it's a billion dollar business, with an organized network of traffickers branching out to cities all across the US. Reporter Scott Carrier met up with someone involved in the human smuggling business near Douglas, Arizona.
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