Marketplace PM for May 25, 2005

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Is the CEO in charge?

Former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy's fate now rests with a jury. He's on trial for fraud. Scrushy claims he was unaware that his subordinates were looting the company. Commentator Lewis Lapham asks, whatever happened to the CEO being in charge?

Central Asian pipeline provide additional oil

A major oil pipeline is being opened across the Caspian Sea today. But will it lower the price of oil? Or just provide a more secure source? Gretchen Cook takes a look.
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EU member states draft constitution

This weekend, French voters decide whether to ratify the new proposed EU constitution. Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports on what Europe has to lose if France votes "non."
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Casting directors become Teamsters?

Today, the National Labor Relations Board mailed out some ballots to Hollywood casting directors. They're voting on whether to unionize. If they vote in favor, they won't be joining any of the well-known Hollywood guilds that already represent thousands of writers, directors and actors. They'll be joining the 1.4 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Marketplace's Tess Vigeland reports.

The Undocumented War - Part 3

Around the border area of Tucson, Arizona, nearly a half million -- mostly Mexicans -- were picked up by the border patrol trying to leave Mexico for the United States. Probably double that number made it into U.S. At least several hundred will die trying. In today's installment of Marketplace's series, The Undocumented War, reporter Scott Carrier speaks to Byrd Baylor, whose home has a window on this human migration.
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