Marketplace PM for May 23, 2005

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Hedge funds

We had a scare a few weeks ago after GM bonds were demoted to junk status. There was a concern that some big hedge funds might have bet too much on GM. The rumors turned out to be just rumors. No hedge funds actually collapsed. But this week, some deans of Wall Street's big banks and brokerages are meeting to consider the possibilities. Who cares? Commentator and lawyer David Skeel says <i>you</i> should.

College Allowances

So how old is too old to get an allowance? That answer is as varied as parents themselves. In college, parental cash, or lack thereof, separate those who eat ramen noodles from those tooling around campus in Range Rovers. Perhaps the cash differentials have a more substantive effect on the life of a college student. High school junior, and Youth Radio reporter, Lauryn Silverman is already considering the inevitable.

All marketers are liars

Ever wonder who declared granola to be healthy? Do you believe that there's a person named Betty Crocker? What explains an $80,000 SUV? What justifies a $125 pair of sneakers? According to a new book, we buy what we buy because we believe in 'the story'.

The Undocumented War

This year, roughly a half million illegal immigrants -- mostly from Mexico -- will cross into the U.S. They will join 11 million illegal immigrants already here. Most are looking for work. Of course that's only part of the story. There's also the drain on local resources and concerns about homeland security. You may have heard some of the arguments. But few truly know what's its like to be on the front lines of what increasingly looks like an 'undocumented war'. That's what's we're calling our special series this week, prepared by veteran journalist Scott Carrier. On a moonless night in Arizona last June, Scott met up with the author of more than a dozen books and several award-winning articles about the border. His name is Charles Bowden...
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