Marketplace PM for May 20, 2005

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Latino lattes

Anywhere these days that you CAN'T get a venti half-caf non-fat no-foam no-whip caramel latte? Not for all the tea in China. Really. In fact Starbucks announced today that it's counting on the land of the leaf to eventually become its second-biggest market after this country. Right now the chain has 120 stores there. Coffee houses world-'round have tried to replicate Starbucks' success. Hasn't happened yet. But in Phoenix some entrepreneurs are banking on a hybrid: Start with a traditional Mexican bakery called a panaderia... Abigail Beshkin has the rest.
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TV up-fronts

If you went looking for TV stars in Hollywood this week you wouldn't have found them. The Desperate Housewives and just about everybody else who is anybody in television were in New York for the annual showbiz show-and-tell known as the "up-fronts." This is the week when the networks trot out their fall lineups. But even more important -- it's their opportunity to sell advertisers on the new series they claim will be the next, well, Desperate Housewives. Aaron Barnhart covers TV for the Kansas City Star, he has the story.

Gaza cesspool

As Israel prepares to pull out of Gaza this summer, Palestinians are hoping international donors will step in to help them get back on their feet. Millions of dollars stayed in coffers during the last four years of conflict. That's money that could go toward things like revamping the electrical grid and building a desalination plant. But before greenlighting those projects, some donors have posed a challenge to the Palestinians and Israelis. Work together to fix a particularly odiferous problem, and then get back to us. From Gaza, Nancy Updike has the story.
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