Marketplace PM for May 19, 2006

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Not a happy deal at Northwest

Bankrupt Northwest Airlines' tentative labor agreement with its ground workers could signal smoother skies ahead for the air carrier. But there still may be some grumpy employees on board. Hillary Wicai reports.

Putting all workers in the computer

Lawmakers are considering a national employment database that would allow employers to verify whether workers are in the country legally. BusinessWeek's Aaron Bernstein talks with host Cheryl Glaser about the plan.
Posted In: Washington

Feds probe companies' stock options

Federal investigators are examining whether some companies illegally manipulated stock option grants to give their executives more favorable returns. Bob Moon reports.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Cocktail weiners and checkbooks

It's prime fund-raising season in Washington, with midterm elections six months away. Some politicians are trying to rise above the mediocre when it comes to entertaining. Scott Tong checked out one of the events.
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The Week on Wall Street

Dallas stockbroker David Johnson talks with host Cheryl Glaser about the markets' rough week.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

What's wrong with a bit of innocent smut?

Commentator Patti Waldmeir recently went through sexual harassment training at her office. She says it only stirred up negative feelings.

Rebuilding and looking for leadership

Albert Jefferson Jr. and Henry McCloskey returned to New Orleans to rebuild their businesses and their lives. So which candidate in tomorrow's election do they think can rebuild the city? Sam Eaton reports.

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