Marketplace PM for May 17, 2006

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Markets take a dive on inflation news

The government said today that inflation may be back, and investors expressed their concern. Cheryl Glaser looks at why Wall Street was so unhappy with the news.
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NSA phone spying controversy rages on

The phone companies continued today to deny they were complicit in any criminal behavior. And, the National Security Agency began briefing members of the Intelligence Committees. John Dimsdale sorts through it all.
Posted In: Washington

Honda expanding in a big way

The automaker announced it will build a $400 million factory in the Midwest, the same day GM laid off hundreds of UK employees. It's more evidence that Japan's auto industry is thriving as American carmakers struggle. Steve Tripoli reports.

Making sense of network neutrality

Legislation moving through Congress would allow Internet providers to charge differing rates to different companies. It's part of the most drastic change to telecom law since 1996. Kai Ryssdal talks to Lisa Napoli about why we should care.
Posted In: Science

Immigrant smuggling gets organized

Illegal immigrants coming into the United States are using increasingly sophisticated networks of smuggling and document fraud. Sanden Totten has the details of one woman's story.
Posted In: Canada

<i>Another</i> tax cut for the rich?

President Bush signed the $70 billion tax cut into law today &mdash; and Congress is looking at cutting another $23 billion. Commentator and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich wonders why we keep cutting taxes when we're spending so much money.

Hospitals going green

Hospitals are increasingly building their facilities with the environment in mind. Not just because it's the right thing to do, but because they can save money. Shia Levitt reports.
Posted In: Health

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