Marketplace PM for May 12, 2005

Episode Description 

Perfect attendance: Not just for school anymore

Companies are trying to crack down on chronic absenteeism with a time-tested formula of carrots and sticks. From the Work and Family Desk, Sandy Hausman reports.

The real estate madhouse

Commentator and aspiring investor Roben Farzad says this real estate market is just a bit too crazy, thanks.

Das Uberlogo

A tennis player took the court last weekend sporting an oversized Nike logo. What the heck is that about? Host David Brown talks to business of sports commentator Ed Derse.

Free iPod -- just click here

Have you ever gotten an email promising you a free iPod in just a few easy steps? We checked it out -- you really can get that free iPod. But you better believe it isn't easy, as Marketplace's Jeff Tyler reports.

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