Marketplace PM for May 11, 2005

Episode Description 

Start with the states!

How to fix the federal government's tax code? Commentator Glenn Hubbard has an idea -- first fix state government tax codes.

William Morris libel suit

Hollywood is abuzz with rumors that the William Morris talent agency is in financial trouble. Spreading a lot of the gossip is the New York Post's popular 'Page Six.' Now, the William Morris agency has hired a lawyer to threaten the tabloid with a lawsuit, as Marketplace's Tess Vigeland reports.

Board of diversity

Has there been any improvement in efforts to place more minorities on corporate boards? Sarah Gardner looks at a new report.

CAFTA and Costa Rica

President Bush has returned to the U.S. after making nice with Eastern Europe. Now, he turns his attention to Costa Rica -- which is pushing back against a planned free trade deal. Why? Marketplace's Americas Desk correspondent Dan Grech reports.

The Mouse's good old days

Walt Disney reports its quarterly results tomorrow, and is in the midst of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Disneyland resort. Host David Brown talks to professor Steven Mintz about marketing nostalgia for Disney toys.