Marketplace PM for May 10, 2006

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Metals market is red hot

Planning on getting new plumbing or rewiring your house? It may be time to think again. Copper prices hit an all-time high of $8,000 a ton today. Amy Scott finds out what record copper prices may mean for the world economy.
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Tax cuts feeding economy or starving government?

The Senate is expected to pass a tax bill today extending many of President Bush's tax cuts through 2010. The move is intended to make it very hard for whatever party controls Congress in 2010 to raise taxes again. John Dimsdale explains.
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Drugmaker wins battle with animal rights group

Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline got an injunction against an animal rights group today, after it threatened to release personal information about its stockholders. Stephen Beard reports.

Auctioning TV ad buys

Internet auctions have delivered good business for eBay. So could a similar online system be used to buy and sell TV advertising? Some Fortune 500 executives think so. Jeff Tyler explains.
Posted In: Science

Oil market making Washington crazy

The White House and Congress are trying to crack down on what they call gas price gouging. But at the same time, they want to give more subsidies to oil and gas companies. Commentator and economist Glenn Hubbard is very confused.
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Economics force social change in Israel

Special subsidies that ultra-Orthodox Jews have long enjoyed from the Israeli government are being phased out. For the first time, many of them have to find employment. Hilary Krieger reports.
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Independent restaurants band together

Big chain restaurants have filled out major cities, so now they're entering smaller markets such as Nashville. Kim Green reports on how independent restaurants there aren't waiting around for their lunches to be eaten.

When the only thing left to say is 'I'm sorry'

A public apology is something of a ritual when companies are caught misbehaving. Paul Slansky tells host Kai Ryssdal about some of those apologies from the book he co-wrote called "My Bad."

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