Marketplace PM for March 9, 2005

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Progressive consumption

Earlier this week, we told you about the tax reform panel's tour of America. The President's group is trying to get ideas from the public. Yesterday, the tax panel's tour bus pulled into Tampa. Entrepreneurs lined up to complain. The message: you could stimulate the economy with a simpler tax code. Fed Chief Alan Greenspan seems to think a consumption tax is a good way to stimulate the economy. Marketplace commentator Robert Reich warns that one size does not fit all.

The new IRS - we're friendly!

As we head into tax season, the Internal Revenue Service is encouraging people to file their taxes online - for free. It's all part of an effort by the agency to make itself more taxpayer-friendly. Host David Brown talks to former IRS Commissioner Charles Rosetti.

Marketplace letters

Once again, host David Brown takes a trip into the Marketplace mailroom. And what a room it is ...

The trash mining movement

With oil prices back up, President Bush's timing seems spot on. He was in Ohio today talking up alternatives. Biodiesel, hydrogen fuel, and so-called clean coal technology. No mention of methane. In Fredricksburg, Virginia, they're hoping to harness the methane coming up from a landfill. The idea would be to use it to generate electricity. As it stands, most folks consider landfills as little more than horrible blots on the American landscape. But not always. Just ask around Austin, Texas. From KUT, Michael May reports.
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