Marketplace PM for March 31, 2006

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Delphi seeks to cut more labor costs

Delphi, primary supplier of parts for General Motors, wants a bankruptcy court to void union labor contracts. Many think this move, along with Delphi's plant closures and layoffs, could provoke a strike. John Dimsdale reports.

New pension reporting rules proposed

The panel that sets accounting rules for American companies is proposing a new method of reporting pensionobligations. It addresses the complaint that previous methods opened shareholders and employees to financial risks. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports
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America is looking a little French

French President Jacques Chirac says he'll approve the controversial labor reforms that have fueled massive protests in that nation. Economist Glenn Hubbard has been watching the coverage and says it's a disturbing look in the mirror.

A dispute over what's green

Activist investors are putting pressure on investment bank Goldman Sachs over its environmental policies. But, they're not trying to makethe bank more green-friendly. Amy Scott reports.
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Week on Wall Street

Wall Street ended its best quarter overall since 2002, so why didn't it feel like it? Dallas stockbroker David Johnson talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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Japan's market is heating up

The number of day-traders looking to make their fortune is booming along with Japan's stock market. Jocelyn Ford catches up with a refrigerator salesman who spends most of his time buying and selling stock.
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Minor league umpires may call a strike

One of the unofficial signs of spring is the start of baseball season. But next week's planned opener in the minor leagues may have a rocky start. The umpires could be on strike.
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