Marketplace PM for March 30, 2005

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The highway to hydrogen-powered cars is a costly one

The Department of Energy has started doling out dollars for the development of alternative energy cars. Today two car companies announced deals with the government to build hydrogen-powered vehicles. The cars won't be on the road for years. And that's lucky. Because if you want one of these babies, you could could probably use these intervening years to save up for a downpayment. Marketplace's Matthew Algeo reports.
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United Way, and a united way of increasing donations

The United Way of America is holding its annual leadership conference near Dallas. Though overall charitable giving is up, donations to the United Way are down. That's where the group's new "Standards of Excellence" come in. These guidelines were announced today. They're supposed to help local chapters define their mission and improve accountability. Marketplace Business Editor Cheryl Glaser tells us it's a sign of how more non-profits are taking their cues from the corporate world.
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Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank - a European view

Tomorrow the World Bank is expected to confirm Paul Wolfowitz as its new head. He's best known as an influential backer of the U.S. decision to invade Iraq. Today, EU officials gave Wolfowitz the nod - but only after summoning him to Brussels to quiz him. The World Bank gives poor countries loans and development advice. The Europeans say they want to keep the fight against global poverty front and center. Commentator and writer Zanny Minton Beddoes says they're right to give Mr. Wolfowitz a chance.

EPA outlines new cancer risks for kids, but no new rules

Some chemicals may be far more dangerous for kids than previously thought - as much as ten times more likely to cause cancer. So says the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA updated its cancer risk guidelines today. But if you're expecting tough new may be waiting awhile. From our Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer reports.
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The Child Well-Being Index is on the rise

Another way of looking at how our kids are doing was released today. It's called the "Child Well-Being Index". It's an annual report put out by the Foundation for Child Development. The index compares the latest statistics on kids... with data from the mid-70s. That's when many of today's parents were young. A time they might remember as one of safer streets, stronger families, better schools. But as Work and Family correspondent Sarah Gardner reports, in some ways, these are the "good old days"...

Jobs are plenty - in the world of closed captioning

Starting next year virtually all television programs will have to be closed captioned for the deaf and hard of hearing. That's job security for hundreds of trained stenographers who do the work. Problem is, there aren't enough of them to meet demand. Cathy Duchamp reports from Seattle.

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