Marketplace PM for March 3, 2005

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An after school alliance

Today lawmakers in the House and Senate launched a new, bi-partisan caucus. The purpose: to promote more afterschool programs in the U.S. And push for more federal dollars. As Work and Family correspondent Sarah Gardner reports, there'll be a lot of pushing uphill.

League for sale, National Hockey League for sale!

The 2004-2005 hockey season is officially off. But a private investment firm and a sports advisory company have reportedly made a joint proposal to buy all 30 National Hockey League teams for as much as $3.5 billion to bring the league back next year in a different form. Host David Brown talks to business of sports commentator Diana Nyad about what the bid would mean for the league.

Flu worries

For the last two days they've been planning for a disaster. Public health officials from all over Europe have been meeting in Luxembourg. The scenario they've been studying is one the World Health Organization warns is on its way. A flu pandemic. Of special concern: a bird flu which has re-emerged in Vietnam. Experts worry it could mutate into a highly dangerous human variety. That could cost millions of lives ... and billions of dollars. From the European Desk in London Stephen Beard reports.

Who you gonna call? Despanches!

You've been working very hard it seems. Today new productivity numbers. Up 2.1 percent in the last quarter of 2004. In the global productivity game, American business has a distinct advantage. For instance? On average, it's takes about three and a half hours to register a small business. In Peru, the same process would take almost 290 days. And in nearby Brazil, the red tape is so onerous, it's spawned a new profession. Meet the despachante! Marketplace's Dan Grech reports.

Meetings, and wasting time ...

Did I mention that new productivity number? Yeah, looks like I did. But I left out something. With the strong showing we heard about today, Americans set a new record. It's the strongest three years of productivity growth in more than a half century of record keeping. But people, we can do better. Yeah, let's do it!All-staff meeting in the big conference room! Our guest speaker is marketing expert Adam Hanft.

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