Marketplace PM for March 28, 2005

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File sharing reaches the U.S. Supreme Court

Remember how Napster used to be -- free music over the Internet?Well, the original Napster's long gone under. But what's called "file-sharing" technology is still around. And let's just say there are plenty of people in Hollywood who are wishing it would go away. Marketplace's Scott Tong tells us the fight moves to the nation's highest court tomorrow. The nine Justices will hear arguments over what technology their grandkids will get to use.

Social Security debate -- Don't forget about AARP!

Have you missed it? It's been good to have had a little break from the debate over social security... but don't get used to it. On Wednesday President Bush heads to Iowa, as his campaign continues. Getting Iowans on board would certainly boost his proposal for personal retirement accounts. But the President better not forget about the powers that be inside the Beltway. So says commentator and writer Jeff Birnbaum.

Space tourism, and enjoying weightlessness

The two astronauts onboard the space station did a space walk today. They released an eleven-pound satellite characterized as a baby Sputnik. It's designed for experimental manoeuvering by ground controllers. Sputnik, space walks...sounds somewhat retro compared with what our resident futurist has been up to. Andrew Zolli, president of Z-Plus Partners, got the feel of civilian space flight. Though he never really left the earth's atmosphere. Andrew went on something like a roller coaster ride in a big airplane...
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New Delhi's poor use rural skills to better their lives

Police on an island off the Sumatran coast fear there may be scores dead after today's earthquake. Across Southeast Asia, countries issued tsunami warnings. But there were no reports of killer waves. The people of India often feel at the mercy of mother nature. Each year they hold their breath to see if the monsoons will bless the farm economy. Its not uncommon for farm folk to give up and head to the cities in search of a better life. But with only rural skills, many find themselves in the slums. That doesn't mean there can't be opportunities. In South Delhi, there's a local program called Project Return. As Judith Ritter reports, the idea is to try to make rural skills pay off in the big city.
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