Marketplace PM for March 27, 2006

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Drawing lines on immigration bill

The Senate debate over giving illegal immigrants guest-worker status pits the free-market wing of the Republican Party against the conservative base. Host Kai Ryssdal speaks to Marketplace Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale.
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Who gets blame on immigration? We do

Former Immigration Service prosecutor and commentator Carl Shusterman says Washington is worried about the wrong people.

Political groups focus of lobbying bill

One of the proposed reforms in a lobbying bill beging debated in Congress includes restrictions on so-called 527 groups -- the unregulated political groups that played an important role in the 2004 elections. Amy Scott reports.
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Israelis go to the polls

Israelis vote tomorrow in an election seen as a referendum on acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plans to disengage from the Palestinians. Unlike in other countries, the economy isn't much of an issue. Hillary Krieger reports.
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Nationwide strike called in France

Labor unions have called for a nationwide strike in France tomorrow to protest a new US-style labor law. The government claims the new law is necessary to combat the country's high rates of youth unemployment. Stephen Beard reports.
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Life insurance for prostate-cancer survivors

The Hartford insurance company has started offering policies to men over 60 with prostate cancer -- something that once would have been impossible. Tess Vigeland reports.
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Leveling the playing field in the classroom?

Government agencies are seeking to apply Title IX, the gender-equality law that revolutionized sports for women, to academic departments. Helen Palmer reports.
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Bottle wars

Coca-Cola has cut a deal with Wal-Mart for a big roll-out of Powerade, Coke's sports drink that's gaining some ground on Pepsi's Gatorade. But independent bottlers are worried the plan cuts them out of the action. Brian Watt reports.

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