Marketplace PM for March 25, 2005

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Exploring the United Nations and that Oil-for-Food program

There's a new report on the UN's oil-for-food program with Iraq. It's been prepared by a UN panel investigating charges of corruption and kickbacks. That panel is headed up by former Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volker. The new findings have not yet been made public. That won't happen until Tuesday. But some who have seen the new report are already talking. They've been talking to reporter Yochi Dreazen of the Wall Street Journal...
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The airline industry and the incredible shrinking paycheck

Today, a no-confidence vote for Delta Airlines. Standard and Poor's warned it may lower Delta's debt ratings. Earlier this week, Delta's head honcho said he thought the airline could avoid filing bankruptcy papers. Not everyone's convinced. Most worried, perhaps, are the employees. As other carriers have declared bankruptcy, workers have been forced to make huge sacrifices. Nancy Marshall-Genzer reports.
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The week that was on Wall Street

Marketplace host David Brown talks with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the week that was on Wall Street... and what we might expect next week.
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Meet the diaper king of the West Bank!

It might be the toughest line the new Secretary of State has taken toward Israel so far. In an interview published today, Condoleeza Rice was asked about Israel's plans to expand a west bank settlement. She told the LA Times it's at odds with American policy and should come to a full stop. The so-called road map to Middle East peace includes reciprocal steps leading up to a Palestinian state. But as a practical matter, for a new nation to take root, it'll need a sustainable economy. In coming months, we plan to track how such an economy might come together. We'll be looking at specific businesses, the people behind them, and how they're adapting to change. Correspondent Nancy Updike begins her special series today in Nablus. That's where she met a enterprising man who knows how to handle ... messy situations.
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This Easter, enjoy a chocolate with a higher calling ...

Some kids may find something a little special in their Easter baskets this year. Courtesy of Russell Stover. It's a symbol of Christianity. Made of chocolate. Not one of those fish, like you might see on the back of cars. We're talking about that symbol traditionally reserved for church steeples and stained glass windows. As Marketplace's Amy Scott reports, such a confection requires some delicate marketing.

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