Marketplace PM for March 21, 2007

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Wall Street gets what it wanted to hear

The Federal Reserve indicated today that it doesn't plan to raise or tighten interest rates anytime soon. That news sent the Dow up more than 150 points.
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Congress makes Gore's visit convenient

Al Gore returned to Congress today to testify about global warming. He even spoke before the committee chaired by Rep. John Dingell, who hasn't exactly enlisted in the climate-change fight. John Dimsdale covered the hearings.

Investing in a harsher climate

Monsanto, the world's largest biotech seed company, and European chemical giant BASF announced a $1.5 billion collaboration to develop global-warming-resistant plants. Sam Eaton reports.

Banks are looking for room to grow

London's Barclays bank is in talks to buy Dutch rival ABN Amro for about <nobr>$80 billion</nobr>. Investors are salivating over a possible bidding war. But will it matter to you? Amy Scott reports.
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Google unveils 'pay-per-action' plan

Search-engine giant is developing a new strategy for its advertising customers that can almost guarantee their ads are working. If not, they don't pay. Janet Babin reports.

What's the alternative to the AMT?

Lawmakers meet on Capitol Hill on Thursday to search for an alternative to the alternative minimum tax. Getting rid of it won't be easy. The federal treasury depends on it. Bob Moon reports.
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Control CEO pay by taxing the very rich

Investors at more than 50 companies now say they want a voice in how much the CEO makes. But commentator Robert Reich thinks shareholders are irrelevant to the real issue.

Revolutionary tourists

A growing number of Americans, seeking a street-level view of 21st-century socialism, are traveling to visit Venezuela under President Hugo Chavez. Dan Grech reports.
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