Marketplace PM for March 18, 2005

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Roll of the dice: Las Vegas invades China?

Vegas in China? Casino operator Las Vegas Sands is joining forces with several hotel chains, including Marriott, Hilton, and Four Seasons to create a Vegas-style strip in the Chinese island. Host Cheryl Glaser discusses the $16 billion project with Financial Times reporter Amy Yee.
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Taxes and the 1040 -- changes, changes, changes

Got those tax forms yet? You have exactly four weeks left to fill them out. And it probably won't be any easier than last year. In fact, commentator and tax expert Len Burman says the IRS has changed the 1040 tax form yet again. And he says it's time for the tinkering to stop... <br>Len Burman is co-director of the Urban Institute's Tax Policy Center.

The week that was on Wall Street

Friday means... looking forward and looking back. Host Cheryl Glaser talks to Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about what was and what will be.
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Iraq and a war economy: Not the U.S. boom some expected

This weekend marks the second anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. More than 1500 American troops have been killed so far. And Uncle Sam has spent billions of dollars on fighting the war and trying to stabilize Iraq. Some of that cash has been funneled to American companies. But for many companies, it's not the big payday you might think. Marketplace's Scott Tong explains...

Making it in Iraq: a changing financial picture

For many Iraqis, the toppling of Saddam Hussein's government hasn't yielded the economic benefits that were promised.Water and electricity are still sporadic. Unemployment is high. But some Iraqis have figured out ways to make a profit from the U.S. invasion.Others are making just enough to squeak by. As Marketplace's Borzou Daragahi reports, the financial picture changes depending on where you're looking.
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