Marketplace PM for March 17, 2006

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General Malaise

GM shares have sunk more than 3% today following the company's restatement of 2005 losses -- specifically, increasing them by $2 billion. Bob Moon looks at what this could mean for the struggling company.
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Coal ruling

A federal appeals court today struck down an EPA rule that let some power plant operators sidestep expensive requirements to reduce emissions. It's a big victory for state governments and environmental organizations who argued the Bush administration's rule would gut the Clean Air Act. John Dimsdale reports.

L'Oreal and the Body Shop

Cosmetics giant L'Oreal has bought the eco-conscious British company Body Shop. Critics question the move because Body Shop is well-known for its stance against animal testing, whereas L'Oreal has never banned the practice. Stephen Beard reports.

Good news for identity thieves?

The Visa credit card company says cash registers may have a built-in software flaw that stores consumer credit card and debit card information, even though they're not supposed to. Scott Tong reports.

American Express and the "clear card"

American Express is advertising its new credit card, called "clear card," in Boston and Dallas. AMEX says customers want more clarity about finances. To find out what kind of clarity, it conducted a phone survey. Sean Cole reports on the practice of research as marketing.

Week on Wall Street

Kai Ryssdal talks with Kim Clark, personal finance columnist for U.S. News and World Report, about the week on Wall Street and what's ahead for the markets.
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Altar's tortilla flophouse

The town of Altar is an increasingly common staging ground for illegal immigrants from Mexico and Latin America preparing for their journey to the United States. Claudine Lomonaco reports on this migrant boomtown.

Iraq War numbers

Monday marks the third anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. Kai Ryssdal looks at some statistics three years into the conflict.