Marketplace PM for March 16, 2005

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Special Report: Reinventing retirement

Investing in bonds used to be considered a solid retirement strategy. Not so simple anymore. Then again, neither is the definition of 'retirement'... We've been warned about a wave of retirees, as the boomers leave the workforce. And there've been all sorts of predictions about how this might play out. Perhaps it's time to go beyond mere predictions. Reporter Jo Giese sensed the reinvention of retirement is already underway. So she took her gear and travelled to a state where there's been a sudden influx of retirees. A place where you probably won't have much use for shuffleboard sticks.

Will the expanding housing bubble burst?

Housing construction is at a 21 year high. That news from the Commerce Department today. Interest rates are on the rise... but people keep buying houses. And what's more, prices keep going up. But hard to say why. Back in 1996, Alan Greenspan warned of Irrational Exuberance. He was talking about Wall Street. We know what happened there. Yale economist Robert Schiller recently updated his book on Irrational Exuberance. And he wondered if you could apply Greenspan's memorable warning to what's happening today with housing ...
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Brazil pushes genetically modified seeds for farmers

In the next couple of weeks Brazil is expected to do something few thought it ever would. Its expected to give the ok to genetically modified seeds. This means Brazilian farmers would spend less on pesticides... grow more crops per acre... and perhaps be a more formidable competitor to American farmers. So why are some U.S. farmers embracing the change in Brazil? From the Marketplace Americas Desk at WLRN, Dan Gretch reports.
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UK plans 50 year bond. Will U.S. follow suit?

Would you be willing to lend some cash, for say, 50 years? If so, the British government would like to hear from you. Today the UK's finance chief announced plans for a fifty-year bond. These long-term borrowings are fast becoming a must-have accessory for European governments. And with America's budget deficit, you've got to wonder whether the idea might have some appeal on this side of the Atlantic. Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports.
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