Marketplace PM for March 14, 2006

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Oil profits and energy security

The Bush Administration wants China and India to go along with its and the UN's efforts to isolate Iran over its nuclear program, but it can't get Iranian oil out of the geopolitics. Guy Dinmore of the Financial Times discusses the situation with Kai Ryssdal.

Google ordered to turn over records

A federal judge today ordered Google to hand over records of public searches that are in the company's computers. The Justice Department wants to see the data. Google objected. Janet Babin reports.

What's the score?

Three main credit agencies announced a new credit-score system for businesses to use -- and for you to worry about. Tess Vigeland reports.

China's rural healthcare crisis

The Chinese government is nervous about the growing gap between rich and poor. One of its promises is a huge increase in healthcare spending for farmers. Jocelyn Ford reports the plan looks good on paper, but there are skeptics.
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Global warming

A UN agency says we've set a new record for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere -- one of the main causes of global warming. Elizabeth Kolbert, author of a book on climate change, "Field Notes From a Catastrophe," talks with Kai Ryssdal.

Blue-collar blues

Hourly workers with children often struggle to balance job requirements and family needs. Putting family first can sometimes cost them a job. A new report says this is more common than expected, and businesses would be wise to change their policies. Hillary Wicai reports.

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