Marketplace PM for March 11, 2005

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Iran and Venezuela cozy up

You've heard President Bush talk about Iran's "moolahs" ... If one of those "moolahs" were to pay a state visit to the Americas...Maybe, stop in for dinner with some left leaning leader... Imagine the fits that would give the White House. Perhaps that's what Mohammed Khatami has in mind. Iran's President is visiting Caracas, Venezuela. From the Americas Desk at WLRN, Dan Gretch tells us its a business trip. With, perhaps, a little pleasure on the side.
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Securing the squawk boxes of Wall Street

Ever heard of the term "squawk box"? If you work on Wall Street, you know what I'm talking about. It's an intercom system traders and brokers use to yell back and forth. Now just imagine if you could eavesdrop on those communications. Think you might pick up a stock tip or two? The Justice Department's been thinking along these lines, also. Marketplace's Amy Scott has the story.
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The week that was ... on Wall Street

When it's Friday the two David's join forces. Host David Brown talks to our favorite Dallas stockbroker ... David Johnson.
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That weak U.S. dollar - and why it matters

The U.S. trade deficit has reached the second-highest level on record. The gap between what we import and what we sell abroad hit $58.3 billion in January. Today's news triggered another dip in the dollar. Does any of this really matter? Fair question. Alan Greenspan doesn't think so. "Not overly worrisome".That's what he said yesterday.But they're not so sure in London, where most of the world's currency trading is done.Some wonder if the U.S. has handed a powerful weapon to its adversaries. Marketplace's Stephen Beard explains.
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College alumni, and the money chase

On Sunday, men's college basketball teams find out whether they made it into the March Madness tournament. The Big Dance also means big money. Participating colleges and conferences will divvy up $114 million from CBS for broadcast rights. A tournament slot can also make it easier to convince alumni to write a check. Universities rely more than ever on alumni giving. But as South Dakota Public Radio's Curt Nickisch reports, it's generosity with a twist.

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