Marketplace PM for March 10, 2005

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Europe's productivity battle with the U.S.

The unions insist it's a coincidence.Olympic Inspectors were 'inspecting' Paris for a bid to host the 2012 games. Also today: strikes and marches shut down bus and train service in 55 French cities. The demonstrators are hoping to save their 35-hour work week.But with the U.S. economy growing faster than that of Europe... Commentator Amity Shlaes wonders if the protesters' timing is less than impeccable.
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Germany tries to get its brightest to come home

Here's something we certainly don't covet. Germany's unemployment rate. 12.6 percent. Today Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder said he'll meet with his political opponents to work up ideas...Anything to spark the economy will do. But in a nation that's put so much emphasis on technological innovation, they'll have to do something about its brain power. They're losing it. One in seven German students with a doctorate goes to the U.S. to do research. And up to half of those are expected to stay in America. Kyle James reports from Berlin.
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Ipods, radio, podcasting, and music

Oh to be in Austin tomorrow. Oh, any day will do, really, but especially tomorrow. It's the start of South by Southwest. The big film and music festival. But you don't have to be in Austin to hear a lot of the new music. This year, the folks at South by Southwest are providing a huge file to download. 750 songs. That's 2.6 gigabites. Download it! Nic Harcourt is music director at KCRW, host of the public radio program Sounds Eclectic -and he's on his way to the big festival.
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Schools, sports, and alcohol

Today, the first in a series of hearings on Capitol Hill involving sports and steroids. The hearings continue next week. You can bet the cameras will be rolling when several several big-name baseball players show up to testify. There's been a lot made of the connection between performance enhancing drugs and multimillion dollar sports contracts. But one member of Congress is trying to tackle a separate substance abuse problem. This one involving college sports. Marketplace's Cheryl Glaser has that story.

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