Marketplace PM for March 1, 2005

Episode Description 

Debating bankruptcy reform

The Senate is debating a bill on bankruptcy reform this week, that would make it tougher for consumers to cancel their debts. Commentator University of Pennsylvania law professor David Skeel thinks the reforms should extend to corporate bankruptcies, too.

The elders speak

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has pledged to reform the Palestinian political structure. But what about the judicial system? From Ramallah, Nancy Updike reports on disorder in the courts.

Yahoo! birthday

Yahoo celebrates its 10th birthday tomorrow. And although Google has gotten all the buzz recently, Yahoo is still the market leader. Host David Brown talks to Wired reporter Michael Malone about the search engine wars.

Bulls pay ... to play

Have you ever dreamed of sitting courtside, next to the sports journalists? How about working as a ball boy at a professional basketball game? Well, the Chicago Bulls are using those everyman dreams to generate additional revenue. Sandy Hausman reports from Chicago.

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