Marketplace PM for June 9, 2005

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Streets lined with gold

As CAFTA is discussed on Washington, Mexico, the government is using the free trade argument to try to sell a massive coastal road project. It says it will help framers get their goods to market. But Mary Stucky reports that many Mexicans are wondering...isn't one Cancun enough?
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DVDs for opening weekend

Film studios have been struggling for years now with the problem of movie piracy. Just 3 days after the most recent Star Wars film opened, bootleg DVDs were for sale on the streets of China. Now Warner Brothers trying a new angle to disable pirates; Tess Vigeland explains.

An idealistic pragmatist gets, well, sexy

Carmaker Subaru has become a favorite of the part-sensible, part-savvy set. With their new line, though, Subaru is getting a little sexy. David Brown talks with Dan Neil, transportation writer for the LA Times.

In need of a basic skill set

After the close on Wall Street some good news for the tech sector: Intel, the world's largest maker of computer chips came out with a positive mid-quarter update. Some hope this could signal the end of a long slump. Of course, that assumes there'll be enough scientists left working in the computer industry. Gretchen Cook has more.

Cooking the books?

Maurice Greenberg and AIG's former CFO are accused of fluffing up the books. Consumer activist and commentator Jamie Court isn't surprised — he asks, "isn't that just business as usual?"

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