Marketplace PM for June 30, 2005

Episode Description 

So long and farewell to the SEC

Back when William Donaldson agreed to head the SEC, the names in the news were Enron and WorldCom. The SEC has been active ever since. But USC law professor Eric Talley doubts the White House thought Donaldson would be quite so busy.

The Federal Reserve - across the board

President Bush is expected to name three new members to the Fed's Board of Governors over the next several months. He'll be just the third President since FDR to have appointed all seven Fed governors. Marketplace Business Editor Cheryl Glaser has more.

Bringing Blair's flair to the EU

Each member country takes charge of the EU's president's seat for six months, and it's Tony's turn, as of tomorrow. He's been getting started on his agenda. From London, Marketplace's Stephen Beard reports.

That's billion, with a B

Commentator Jeff Steinbrink is not a billionaire. But not for lack of imagination.