Marketplace PM for June 29, 2005

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PBS dodges a bullet, but can it sustain the dance?

Last week the House changed its plan for proposed cuts to federal funding for public broadcasting, after public oppostion. Most funding was restored. In a report produced with support from the <a href="">Economist Magazine</a>, Marketplace's Nate DiMeo takes a look at the changes and challenges facing public TV.<P>In the interest of full disclosure, our parent company, American Public Media, would have been affected by the cuts.

The public's business: comparing salaries

The Commerce Department's report on personal income and consumer spending, due out tomorrow, is thought of as a pretty good gauge of how wokers are feeling. But Marketplace commentator Robert Reich says all workers &#151; and all salaries &#151; are not created equal.

Who cares if CNOOC buys Unocal?

Some Republican lawmakers do. They're calling on the White House to consider the national-security implications of the proposed Unocal sale to Chinese oil company CNOOC. From Washington, Jessica Smith has the story of CNOOC's plan to win the hearts of Americans.

Easygoing Canada talks tough

Today the Canadian Health Minister said, in a nice way, that his country should block bulk drug sales &#151; meaning to American states and municipalities that have been indicating interest. Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH.

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