Marketplace PM for June 23, 2006

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Bush Administration does SWIFT surveillance

Since Sept. 11 the government's been searching the database of the central clearinghouse for international money transfers — looking, it says, for terrorist links. Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Marketplace's Eric Niiler about what's been going on.
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Anadarko to buy Kerr-McGee, Western Gas Resources

The deal is more evidence there's money to burn in oil and gas with prices at near record levels. Anadarko will become the country's biggest independent energy exploration company. Alex Cohen reports.

Group says TV portrays business as bad guy

A new study from a free-market group says TV overwhelmingly shows business and businesspeople as criminals. Bob Moon reports.

Get ready for statin price wars

If there was ever a good time to have high cholesterol, this might be it. The patent on the cholesterol-lowering statin drug, Zocor, expires today. So, generics will soon hit the market, bringing prices down. Helen Palmer reports.
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The Week on Wall Street

Host Kai Ryssdal talks with Dallas stockbroker David Johnson about the markets have fared and what may be in store for next week.
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Lining up to take buyouts

With an estimated 50,000 GM and Ford employees expected to take buyout packages from the two carmakers, the United Auto Workers union will be taking a serious hit to its membership. John Dimsdale reports.

Looking inside hedge funds

A major hedge fund is being investigated by the SEC for insider trading, while an SEC rule governing the funds has been thrown out by the courts. Amy Scott reports.
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Dear Microsoft . . .

Commentator and humorist Rico Gagliano applies for the new opening at Microsoft. You know, the job that Bill Gates just left.<br clear="all">

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