Marketplace PM for June 23, 2005

Episode Description 

A new wrinkle in the eminent domain

The Supreme Court has just ruled that local governments can take private property — and hand it over to commercial enterprises — all in the name of economic development. Sam Eaton has the story.

Appraising the appraisers

As American real estate values climb, more people are refinancing their homes. But what role does the person estimating a house's value play? Bob Moon reports.

Eating popcorn in Capetown

More than a decade after the official end of apartheid, the South African economy is still deeply divided along racial lines. But there are signs of change: in the country's movie theaters, for example. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Changing pension plans

Consulting firm Watson Wyatt Worldwide reports that more big companies cut their pensions last year. And airlines that have been making pension news lately, asking the government to bail them out. Marketplace commentator Michael Hudson says it's time for a change.

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