Marketplace PM for June 14, 2005

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Greenhouse gases earn a new foe

Today the Senate took up an $11 billion energy bill. The centerpiece of the plan is a push to cut back on America's addiction to foreign oil, and you'll be hearing a lot about energy independence in coming days. Perhaps not so much about reducing fossil fuel emissions; that is, unless you've been listening to big business. Andrew Aulisi explains.

Time now for an old idea

Environmentalist Stewart Brand says it's time to think again about nuclear power. He first aired these thoughts in MIT's Technology Review.

Your letters

Reporter Scott Carrier spent five days along the border with Mexico. Rachel Cox of Raleigh, North Carolina found herself spending a lot of time listening.

Off the hook

In an increasingly mobile world, the future is wireless ... right? Many companies will be closely watching a product release tomorrow in the UK: a new phone service that reserves a place for the old-school land line. Sam Eaton explains.

Watching stocks ... in Palestine

It's gone up, it's gone down. The Palestinian stock exchange is becoming big money. The average trade volume has gone from $600,000 to $8,000,000. Sounds like a boom. But reporter Nancy Updike tells us some Palestinians are worried.

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