Marketplace PM for June 10, 2005

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UK and US agree on debt relief proposal

It's being called a breakthrough. Tony Blair and George W. Bush are calling on the rest of the world's 8 top industrial nations to cancel $15 billion owed by the world's poorest countries. As Alasdair Sanford reports from Paris, the plan could get even more generous.

Google: a little spooky

For one brief shining moment this week, the most valuable media property in the world was Google. But the power of Google is a little spooky to some long-time internet users. Ethan Lindsey explains.

The Week on Wall Street

Where does Alan Greenspan get his colorful language, like "irrational exuberance"? You'll never believe what David Johnson tells David Brown.
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Big Bird in trouble, for real.

Folks on the hill have begun the process of cutting the budget for Public Broadcasting. But just like last time, people don't like the thought of Big Bird going on the chopping block.

An NFL game with bratwurst

This Saturday the NFL's Berlin Thunder takes on the Amsterdam Admirals in the World Bowl, the European version of the Superbowl. Continental pro football American-style has yet to turn a profit, so NFL Europe is making a change; Kyle James reports.
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