Marketplace PM for July 8, 2005

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Want a job?

For the first time in almost 4 years, unemployment is down to 5%. But the number of new jobs created last month — 146,000 — is about 50,000 less than expected. Alisa Roth reports.

Volkswagen's scandal snowballs

A human resources person leaving his job at Volkswagen's headquarters. But according to correspondent Kyle James in Berlin, this is not just another executive departure story.

CAFTA and Central American health care

Debate over the Central American Free Trade Agreement is in its final stages. Major lobbies have been working to try affect the outcome of the congressional vote. The pharmecuetical industry? What they do could affect thousands of lives. Dan Grech reports.
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African-American Austin

The captial city of Texas is taking action — and allocating dollars &madash; to make the city more attractive to African Americans. Michael May reports from KUT in Austin.

The week on Wall Street

Host David Brown talks with David Johnson about the markets' reaction to world events, job numbers, and a threatening storm.

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