Marketplace PM for July 29, 2005

Episode Description 

So long, it's been good to know you

After five years at Marketplace, David Brown is leaving the program — and Los Angeles — for Texas. Hear why when he says, well, not exactly goodbye.

Power Trips: Chilled Travel

Last fall, Marketplace broadcast a series of stories about a particular Congressional perk: trips that House and Senate members take that are paid for by outside groups. Reports on this program and elsewhere revealed that many lawmakers may have bent the rules governing Congressional travel. Today, a new analysis by Marketplace and American Radio Works suggests that all the attention is having an impact. William Kistner reports.

How important it your reputation?

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan spoke this week about strengthening the stability of the global financial system. Guarding against risk — and protecting reputations — is vital for financial giants, says David Wells.

Smile for the camera

The digital revolution has made still photographs as easy to duplicate as a rock song. From Chicago, Jonathan Menjivar says that's making life difficult for locals dropping off pictures at the corner Fotomat.

Tested on real curves

Six scantily clad women pose proudly together in a new ad campaign by Dove. We sent Ashley Milne-Tyte to find out what Madison Ave. is thinking.

The week on Wall Street

David Johnson talks with host David Brown about this week on Wall Street, and welcomes him to Texas.

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