Marketplace PM for July 27, 2006

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Oil profits soar as Senate considers domestic drilling

ExxonMobil made $1,318 dollars a second in Q2, which works out to $10.4 billion for the quarter. Meanwhile, the Senate is taking up a bill that might expand oil drilling in the US. John Dimsdale reports.
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Homeland Security wastes billions

A bipartisan congressional report out today finds that 32 Homeland Security contracts worth $34 billion are fraught with, you guessed it: fraud. Hillary Wicai reports on a Senate bill that seeks to change that.
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Click-fraud settlement approved

Google makes its money by selling ads, but the model is susceptible to something called click fraud. Some of Google's customers sued over it and today a judge OK'd a $90 million settlement. Lisa Napoli has the story.
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Incentives to lure home buyers are back

New home sales figures out today say nationwide sales are down again. And slowing sales have home builders offering some creative, and expensive, incentives to buy. KPCC's Tamara Keith reports.

Dark day for white meat?

Today Japan announced it's letting US beef back into the country. But while US cattlemen cheer the news, American chicken and pork farmers are less excited. Dan GrechA explains.
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Investing in the Congo

The Congo's July 30 elections mark the end of nearly a decade of fighting, fueled mainly by its enormous mineral wealth. If Congo can stabilize, investors stand to gain tens of millions of dollars. But, Suzanne Marmion reports, that's a big if.
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Bill Pulte at home with building houses

He started as a humble carpenter and wound up running one of the biggest homebuilding companies in the US. Kai Ryssdal talks to Pulte Homes Inc. founder Bill Pulte.

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