Marketplace PM for July 25, 2005

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A challenge in the Phillipines

Today President Gloria Arroyo's opponents filed for her impeachment. Despite scandals and protests by thousands, some don't want her to go. Shia Levitt reports from Manila.

An easy sell: Christopher Cox

If Christopher Cox is confirmed as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, business leaders are likely to be pretty happy. Hillary Wicai reports.

Revving it up

Host David Brown talks with LA Times transportation columnist Dan Neil about fuel economy, hybrids, golf carts and Ferraris.

North Korea on the brink

Today US officials met face-to-face with their North Korean counterparts, part of preparations for six-nation talks set to begin tomorrow. Jocelyn Ford reports on the desperate conditions of the country under Kim Jong Il's tenure.
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Negotiating with North Korea

As the long-awaited six-party talks with North Korea begin, foreign policy consultant Wendy Sherman warns that the US needs to be smart about what leverage it has left.

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