Marketplace PM for July 23, 2007

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Expedia hits tough market for buy-back

Online travel agent Expedia announced today that it will buy back significantly fewer shares than the million it wanted last month. The culprit is a tightening credit market. Amy Scott reports.
Posted In: Travel, Wall Street

Netflix tries lower prices to stay ahead

Staying competitive in the face of Blockbuster's aggressive online campaign, Netflix announced more price cuts for some of its services. Jeff Tyler explores the lastest in the DVD rental price war.
Posted In: Retail

UAW starts off with tough talk

Despite today's conciliatory air at the start of negotiations between the United Auto Workers and big automakers, UAW President Ron Gettelfinger said he isn't interested in concessions. Alisa Roth reports on the big issues on the table.
Posted In: Auto, Jobs

Delivering to the global economy

Globalization has played a large part in the strong growth of United Parcel Service. Kai Ryssdal talked to CEO Michael Eskew about how the business has changed -- and stayed the same.
Posted In: Canada, Retail

Huddled masses yearning to learn free

With English proficiency becoming an increasingly crucial skill for U.S. immigrants, classes to learn the language for free fill up fast. Jessie Graham reports on the demands facing English-language programs in New York.
Posted In: Immigration

'Old media' content remains king

Wall Street hasn't been kind to the newspaper business since new media came online. But commentator Cody Willard says old media's content makes it a good investment.

Milking money out of stolen crates

Thieves have found a way to turn a huge profit on recyclables: sending stolen milk crates to plastic manufacturers. Kai Ryssdal talks to Edmund Woods, who handles security for a major Southern California dairy.
Posted In: Canada, Crime

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