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British muslims

British police stepped up their anti-terrorist operations in London. Today officers shot one man dead, arrested another and conducted three raids around the capital. Reports from Birmingham say a suspect with a suitcase full of explosives has been arrested. When looking for the roots of radicalism, experts often cite economic distress as a factor. After the deadly attacks in London two weeks ago, police were led to the city of Leeds. Marketplace's Steven Beard went there looking for a connection.
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The week on Wall Street

Marketplace host David Brown checks the week that was in the business world with business analyst and stockbroker David Johson.
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AFL CIO setup

900 union delegates from around the country gather in Chicago next week. They'll be electing leaders for the AFL-CIO. President John Sweeney is bucking for another five year term. But these appear to be dark days for the union movement. Membership dropping, political clout slipping - and now: A deep split among the AFL-CIO's member unions threatens to tear it apart. Marketplace's John Dimsdale reports.
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SEC presidency

President Bush today nominated two Democrats to serve on the Securities and Exchange Commission. Nothing too surprising there. One is actually a re-nomination. The other occupies a top post in the SEC. The Senate Banking Committee takes them up next Tuesday. They will also consider President Bush's nomination of a Republican congressman from California to head the organization. Consumer activist and commentator Jamie Court argues when it comes to that lawmaker, Christopher Cox, Congress ought to be asking some tough questions.
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