Marketplace PM for July 21, 2005

Episode Description 

A new plan for the World Bank

The World Bank, now under Paul Wolfowitz, has a new mission: fighting global warming. But commentator and policy analyst Daphne Wysham thinks that's not the best idea.

Trading lingerie

Yesterday we reported on public companies <a href="" />going private</a>. Tomorrow, private company Maidenform goes public. Will the IPO of this 80-year-old lingerie-maker score big, or (bad pun alert) go bust? Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Playing politics with Grand Theft Auto

Think urban apocalypse and you've got the idea behind Grand Theft Auto's latest game iteration, San Andreas. It's got automatic weapons, fast cars, and rough language. And, if you know how to tweak it, sex. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports.

Shoe battles

The big shoe companies have been fighting for the feet of pro and college players for years. Now they're outfitting teen players. David Brown talks to Ed Derse.

The Quiznos bandits

Maybe you hear Quiznos and think sandwiches. Or maybe those talking baby TV ads. Some robbers, however, have been cutting straight to the meat of the matter.

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