Marketplace PM for July 20, 2006

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SEC, prosecutors file stock-option charges

Brocade Communications, a Silicon Valley company you've probably never heard of, has become Exhibit A in the backdated stock option scandal. The company's former CEO was hit with civil and criminal charges today. John Dimsdale reports.
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The 'Way Forward' looks a ways off

Ford Motor Company announced today it lost more than $120 million last quarter. Amy Scott reports on the continuing problems at the nation's second-largest automaker.

Who is coming to Lebanon's aid?

As the battle between Israel and Hezbollah continues, Lebanon faces a growing humanitarian crisis. Hillary Wicai reports that getting aid on the ground will be a tricky thing.
Posted In: Canada

Mad cow testing scaled back

The Department of Agriculture isn't too worried about mad cow disease. It's sharply cutting the number of cattle it tests. Helen Palmer reports.
Posted In: Health, Washington

No charges against Bonds, just doubts

Federal prosecutors announced today they won't indict major leaguer Barry Bonds for perjury or tax evasion. But, business-of-sports analyst Ed Derse tells Kai Ryssdal, the story isn't about taxes. It's about steroids.
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Human kidneys for sale

The black market for kidneys in India is swelling as the poor trade their organs for cash. For Marketplace and public television's Frontline/World, Samantha Grant filed this dispatch from India.
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Putting bought women on the shelves

Bookstore worker and commentator Moira Manion is a bit worried about what women are reading these days.

A roadster that's electric

Los Angeles Times car critic Dan Neil reports that the new Tesla proves the electric car is alive and well — and very fast!
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

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