Marketplace PM for July 20, 2005

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The business of the Supreme Court

50-year-old appeals court judge John G. Roberts has been nominated to fill the Supreme Court seat being vacated by Sandra Day O'Connor. Scott Tong looks at what this means for corporate America.

Iraq's own "created equal"

A draft of the new Iraq constitution was released today, and it's not overly Americanized. In fact, Alisa Roth reports that it could sharply curtail the rights Iraqi women have come to expect.
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Going private

What do Cablevision, Neiman Marcus, Double Click and Polaroid have in common? They've all gone from public to private. Marketplace's Amy Scott reports on the recent surge in going-private buyouts. Amy Scott reports.

Looking for something?

Google is set to report its second quarter numbers tomorrow. Adam Lashinsky of <em>Fortune Magazine</em> tells host David Brown that the buzz is good. Some say blockbuster good.

Inside Chinese business

Recent acquisitive moved by Chinese companies are stirring emotions here in the U.S. But what do Chinese companies really want? Beijing Bureau Chief Jocyelyn Ford takes a look.
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Housing and revenue

Commentator and economist Michael Hudson says a little air could be let out of the housing bubble with just a few changes.

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