Marketplace PM for July 16, 2007

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International Barbie boosts Mattel sales

Despite some recent struggles, Mattel has proven that playing with dolls can turn a profit. The biggest U.S. toymaker announced 2nd-quarter sales rose about 7%. But Jeff Tyler reports that the success is coming from a place you might not expect.
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Airbus retools its top leadership

French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel met at Airbus headquarters to put their seal of approval on its parent company's latest management shake-up. Stephen Beard reports.

Fuel prices could leave more hungry

The World Food Program says it's going to be harder to feed the world's hungry on its budget. Gas prices and the production of biofuels are pushing produce prices off the charts. Helen Palmer reports.
Posted In: Canada, Health

Headed for a fall or looking strong?

You might think good times are here again on Wall Street, given the last few sessions. But investors in the options market seem to be indicating that things have gone too far, too fast. Economist Mark Zandi explains.
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A blank canvas for city's future

In Seattle, the real estate market is still strong. Which could explain why a 12-acre parcel near the city's Space Needle is getting so much attention. Cathy Duchamp reports.
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Her 'manny' is no summer fantasy

Commentator Sandra Tsing Loh says she doesn't need to escape with a book about having a male domestic helper, as a friend recommended. She's got the real thing: Her husband.

Not the happiest place on Earth

Disney is fighting to block a massive apartment complex near its Disneyland resort that would include units for low-income residents. And that upsets some of its lower-paid employees. Jordan Davis reports.
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